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5 April 2016
I’ve posted this a couple of times already, but the point of this campaign is to create awareness. So, I’ll write about it again.
One of my best friends was diagnosed with Endometriosis a few years back. She looked for help and it was very difficult to find it. She realized there wasn’t a lot of support or information and decided to start an online magazine, ENDO Vive Plena, to help other girls in her same situation. After a while, she noticed that the maganize was being read all over Latin America, which gave her the idea to start an international association, AI-ENDO.
One day, after seeing her put in hours and hours of effort trying to create awarness, I decided to offer my time and talent to support her cause. We talked, came up with a concept and got to work. The idea was to shoot girls with “barb wire”on their abdominal area representing the pain that they go through. We asked for models, make up artists, and assistants to  volunteer and shot based on 9 specific facts that she wanted to communicate. Once we had the photos, we put together a poster for each fact and created different elements for social media, web, print and even radio. The full process was around 4-6 months, but it was totally worth it.
This campaign was designed to help create Endo awareness, so feel free to contact me if you have an idea to make that happen.
Endo Poster Amber-X3
Endo Poster Emery-X3
Endo Poster Emily-X3
Endo Poster Galina-X3
Endo Poster Karly-X3
Endo Poster Kristin-X3
Endo Poster Marcela-X3
Endo Poster Robbin-X3
Endo Poster Tricia-X3

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