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Edmonton in B&W

21 April 2016

While browsing the web looking for something new, I found this style of black and white that got my attention. It’s very dramatic and I think goes very well with symetric architecture shots. I will post the color versions of these same photos on a different post so you can compare, but the photos were taken in the middle of the day, so the black sky is really blue. I focused on getting shapes that we’re not used to when we look at buildings, different angles that wouldn’t typically be used while photographing architecture. And the rest is looking for the right light so the contrast with the shadows allows for a very dramatic look.

To get the effect of the sky, make sure you expose it properly so you get some blue. The advantage is that it doesn’t need to be the most beautiful blue sky ever, it can just be light blue. However, the deeper the blue, the easier it is to get the effect. When you convert it to b&w, bring down the blue filter until you get the right tone. Bringing the aqua filter down too can help, especially if you have some clouds.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.22.01 PM

Then I would recommend to play with the other filters to get the right contrast on the building. Depending on the color of the building, you’ll have to play with different filters. I find that adding a yellow filter. If necessary, you can add more contrast by dodging and burning different areas of the photo. I find that this particular style looks best with a lot of contrast.








Give it a shot, and show me your results on the comment section.

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