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Photography Pricing for Beginners

  Setting up prices and packages can be one of the most difficult things when starting your photography business, but it’s one of the most […]

International Women’s Day

It’s @InternationalWomensDay. I can’t believe that in 2017 there are still so many issues surrounding women. From respect to trafficking, it’s crazy to think that […]

Endo Campaign Follow Up

We’ve gotten an amazing response to the campaign. So far, we have received the support of a large list of countries including: Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, […]

New Endo Campaign!

In 2012, I developed a campaign to create awareness for endometriosis with the help of a few organizations in Latin America. It was designed in […]

Debbie & Jaspar

I had the chance to shoot this wedding in beautiful Victoria, BC. First, what a beautiful location to shoot in. But most importantly, it was […]

Kathy & Dave

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. And I have so much to post. I’ll try to start posting again even if […]

Edmonton in B&W

While browsing the web looking for something new, I found this style of black and white that got my attention. It’s very dramatic and I […]


I’ve posted this a couple of times already, but the point of this campaign is to create awareness. So, I’ll write about it again. One […]

Ember & Dom

Debbie & Jaspar